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Glossary - T

Merchant Services Terms Glossary

These terms occur frequently in both the merchant services industry and on our website.

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Glossary Terms

T&E Merchant

See Travel & Entertainment Merchant


Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A standard format for transmitting data from one computer to another. TCP deals with the construction of the data. IP routes the data from one computer to another.


A device used by the Merchant to electronically process Transactions.

Terminal Identification (TID) Number

In the payment card industry, a number provided to a Merchant by a Credit Card Processor when that Merchant retains the services of that Credit Card Processor to uniquely identify a Terminal. Also known as a Terminal Number. A Credit Card Processor may assign several terminal IDs to a given Merchant's Terminals although that Merchant has a single Merchant ID with that Processor.


Any action between a Cardholder and a Merchant the results in activity on the Cardholder's account (e.g., purchase, refund/return, debit).

Transaction Date

The actual date that a Transaction occurs.

Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Merchant

An airline, car rental company, or hotel whose primary function is to provide travel-related services. A travel agency (excluding one that is primarily engaged in the sale of transportation or travel-related arrangement services by mail/phone order) is a T&E merchant to the extent that it acts as the agent of an airline, car rental company, or hotel.

Triple DES (DES3)

A data encryption algorithm based on a cryptographic algorithm adopted by the National Bureau of Standards for data security in which information is processed through the DES algorithm three times.


See Terminal Identification Number

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