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Glossary - O

Merchant Services Terms Glossary

These terms occur frequently in both the merchant services industry and on our website.

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Glossary Terms

Offline Debit

Also known as Signature Debit. By not entering a PIN at the time of sale funds are transmitted simliar to a normal credit card transaction from the cardholders checking account.

Offline Sale

An operating mode in which the credit card machine has no communication method in which to process an on-line transaction. Transaction data is then stored in the unit and transmitted when connectivity is re-established.

Online Debit

Also known as ATM cards. Form of payment where a PIN is entered at the time of sale in order to capture funds from a checking account.

Online Sale

An operating mode in which the credit card machine has connectivity in which to process an on-line realtime transaction.

Original Draft

The actual merchant copy of the receipt used in the transaction. May times this will be requested in case of a dispute resulting in a retrieval request or a chargeback.


This refers to a Cardholder's account that has surpassed its credit limit with a Transaction. (Their outstanding balance is beyond their credit limit).

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