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Featured Solutions

Merchant Services

Online Merchant Services

Allowing you the ability to accept credit card payments online using a virtual terminal or on a ecommerce website.

Retail Merchant Services

Enabling you to fully manage your business from inventory, revenue tracking, and much more.

Small Business Account

Our wide range of small business merchant account services support many company or service provider types.

Quick Service Restaurants

Full line of QSR solutions from cloud based POS devices to self service ordering kiosks.

Mobile Merchant Services

The ultimate answer for any business or company looking to accepting credit cards while out in the field.

Full Service Restaurant / Bar

Fully manage your restaurant / bar including take to the table, online ordering and much more.


Merchant service solutions

Processing Rates & Fees

Our program provides the lowest overall cost of merchant services, by passing through the direct cost for Interchange Fees and Assessments with a small markup in order to provide your business with the most reliable service and support.

Point of Sale Systems

More and more merchants are taking advantage of the incredible credit card processing point-of-sale software, and you can too. With our Retail POS and Restaurant POS solutions, you get an all-in-one system for your processing and inventory needs.

Credit Card Machines

Carrying a large selection of merchant credit card machines for small business and large business use, including some of the top name brand terminals on the market today such as First Data, Hypercom, Ingenico and Verifone.

Mobile Processing Solutions

Take advantage of mobile credit card processing and ensure that your business stays connected to the best merchant account services at all times, no matter where you venture.

Online Merchant Services

Online Merchant Account With a great brand name and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, you have a complete gateway solution ready for you to implement and start processing sales immediately.

Gift Cards

Promote your brand and increase customer spending with gift cards! Retailers not only increase revenue, but they also drive new customers and repeat business.

Credit Card Acceptance


Visa ® most widely accepted and largest transaction volumes out of all major credit cards.


MasterCard ® second largest payment network in the world accounting for over 32%.


Discover ® ranks in at number four with close to 2% of credit card processing volume.


AMEX ® placing number three out of all major credit cards coming in with over 11%.


Services provided

Credit Card Acceptance

In today’s competitive marketplace, merchant services is a must for any business. Eighty-percent of all retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards, and if you don't accept credit cards, customers will go to one of your competitors who does. The acceptance of major credit cards is a key factor in customer satisfaction and, as such, in the success of your business. It is important to understand that comparing quotes from one merchant service provider to the next can be very difficult.

Debit Card Acceptance

Accepting debit cards with merchant services is the 21st century way to do business. While debit cards may be processed as a credit card, at discounted interchange rates, using a pinpad with a debit card means:

  • No Signature Required
  • Lower Processing Fees [in some cases]
  • Extremely Low Risk of Disputes
  • Reduced Fraud
Small Business Loans

Need Financing? Business loans such as ours can help grow your business. Providing loans ranging from $5,000 - $250,000, with terms between 3 - 18 months. This is true small business loan with fixed terms and payments, which is typically up to 50% less expensive than a merchant cash advance. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your business! Decisions are made in minutes - no waiting, no obligations.

Check Guarantee

Electronic Check Guarantee, a unique service that specializes in the needs of small and midsize retailers, we offer you Electronic Check Conversion and two forms of Check Verification: Traditional Check Guarantee and Check by Phone / Web Authorization. Offer your customers the option to pay by check without having to worry about fraud and bad check fees.