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BLUbeem™ by Brink’s®

Cash Handling Services is partnered with BLUbeem™ by Brink’s® their solution, BLUbeem Cash which combines technology, hardware, and services to streamline cash handling and management. By making cash as easy to process as card payments, you’ll have more time to focus on your business.


Say goodbye to tedious, manual processes

In 2024, Cash transactions represented 1/3 of All Transactions.  Dated, manual cash handling and reconciliation processes are prone to errors and mismanagement. Tech-enabled cash management with a connection to some of the industry’s leading POS systems, makes cash management easier than ever

Paying with cash is simple, so why isn’t handling it just as easy? With BLUbeem™ by Brink’s®, it can be. We’re replacing complicated manual processes with a digital experience, allowing you to easily manage this timeless form of payment



Receive Cash

Funds are registered in-store, dropped into a secure tech-enabled device, and advance credit is sent to the merchant’s bank account the next business day.


Cash Collected

Brink’s messengers will collect the contents of the device without major interruption to store employees.


Cash Counted

Dropped cash and coin is counted at a Brink’s facility. If any variances are discovered between credited funds and actual cash picked up, the difference will be adjusted in the merchant’s account.

Why Change?

Built and delivered by a brand you trust.
With over 160 years of experience, Brink’s is part of a robust infrastructure built around cash management and experience.


Eliminated bank trips:
Merchants can keep employees safe and productive by keeping them in-store.

Fast access to cash:
Merchants get next-day access to their cash deposits.


Reduced theft and shrinkage:
Deposits are insured by Brink’s once they are dropped into the smart safe

It’s efficient:
Keep employees in the store and productive by enabling in-store deposits.


With BLUbeem, cash is as safe, secure and available as credit card payments

Our in-store tech-enabled hardware secures your cash as soon as you drop it into a Brink’s device, and keeps employees safely in-store.


Easy to access, easy to interpret. Gain full visibility into cash activity and credit received across your business.


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