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Introducing Clover Mobile Point of Sale

June 15, 2015

Meet Clover Mobile POS Handheld, Wireless Solution Uses the Power of Clover™ Software for Freedom and Flexibility Clover™ Mobile is a powerful new mobile point-of-sale (POS) business solution that brings new flexibility and versatility to the Clover family. Clover Mobile enables more personal consumer engagement for innovative small- to mid-sized businesses by taking the functionality of the popular Clover Station off the counter for use as at tableside, busting register lines or on the go.

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New and Innovative Ways of Corresponding with the Clover Social Drop Thought App

February 2, 2015

Technology in the 21st century has come up with ways of running a small or even large retail business seem easy and child’s play. Developers the world over are responsible for this era of simple but successfully efficient innovations  which are changing the ways in which we conduct not only our business and work, but every part of our lives.

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The Clover Charity Checkout App

The Clover Charity Checkout App

January 26, 2015

Raising funds from one’s community, especially if you are a merchant, can result in the use of a number of resources and capital that eventually has a negative impact on the overall budget. Gathering everyone on a single platform, even virtually, takes a lot of time and marketing strategies. However, an efficient and cost effective alternative is using the Clover Charity Checkout application. This application is free of cost and allows merchants to raise funds for a (their) community from within a (their) community.

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How Fraud Is Likely to Increase Post Rollout of EMV Security Chips in Credit Cards

January 19, 2015

The fact that the US is finally shifting to credit cards that are embedded with anti fraud computer chips does not mean that there will be a reduction in crimes related to theft from credit or debit cards. In fact, an increase in fraud is more likely to occur. United States is currently the last developed country to phase out credit cards that use the traditional magnetic strip and use the EMV chip based technology.

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Adding Value to Customers Loyal to Your Business

Adding Value to Customers Loyal to Your Business

December 22, 2014

Loyalty programs have been available to customers for ages. Tailor made to hand rewards and incentives for their loyalty to a brand. Such programs meant that customers got a little something for free or discounted after tallying their purchases with a punch card.

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The Future of Safe Credit Card Processing

December 15, 2014

The rapid advancement of technology over the years has no doubt made people’s lives easier… …especially where credit card processing and payments are concerned, which allows people to make transactions and accept payments right from the comfort of their homes, and anywhere else with the help of their mobile devices.

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Clover Virtual Gift Cards

The Convenience of Clover Virtual Gift Cards

December 8, 2014

The number one choice for consumers when it comes to giving and receiving gifts, are gift cards. Gift cards are popular due to incredible versatility and convenience. Available in retail stores all over, these cards are seen as an appropriate option in gift giving for family, friends, colleagues, and business associates due to the increasing number in the choice of brands and products available for purchase.

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Help Celebrate Our 20th Anniversary with Free Receipt Paper and $250 Rebate

December 5, 2014

To help celebrate Our 20th year of providing small businesses with cost effective credit card processing solutions, for a limited time, each merchant who sends in their most recent Merchant Statement for a no obligation competitive pricing analysis will receive a FREE BOX OF RECEIPT PAPER. Signing up for your free box of receipt paper is easy, simply visit and complete a short contact form.  A friendly and knowledgeable representative will contact you to determine the proper receipt paper needed for your credit card machine or other devices in order to process the shipment.

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What is the BuySecure Initiative

What is the “BuySecure” Initiative? How will it Affect Me?

November 24, 2014

Ever since the introduction of e-money, merchants, buyers and the credit card industry have faced several challenges. The transition from paper money to credit card transactions has not been easy. The greatest challenge faced in this regard is payment authorization. As you might be aware, your credit card is susceptible to fraudulent use. It is easy for hackers and other malware to obtain your credit card details, every time you use it to purchase goods. It is also detrimental to your business, since your IT system and customer data is unsafe.

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What is Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay? How will it Benefit Me?

November 19, 2014

Imagine yourself making a payment at a retail store, with several others queued up behind you. As soon as your card is swiped, the store’s Point of Sale (POS) system asks for additional verification details to authorize your payment. This could be a unique PIN number or any other security question, and you can’t remember the answer. What would you do now?

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