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New and Innovative Ways of Corresponding with the Clover Social Drop Thought App

Clover Social DropTechnology in the 21st century has come up with ways of running a small or even large retail business seem easy and child’s play.

Developers the world over are responsible for this era of simple but successfully efficient innovations  which are changing the ways in which we conduct not only our business and work, but every part of our lives.

Communication has been made extremely easy due to mobile and internet applications which the average user takes advantage of to stay connected to his/her network of friends and family and to the world in general.

Not only have these applications made our lives simpler, and communication easy but also the lives of retailers for whom client satisfaction and communication is akin to bread and butter.

The Clover Social Drop Thought App

Taking the above into consideration, the developers of Clover Processing Solutions have finally succeeded in creating a social mobile application that will help business retailers correspond efficiently and easily with their clients, and to effectively respond to their queries and feedback in a direct and quick manner.

With this app, retailers will have the power to respond instantly to their customer’s needs and queries, and have a better understanding of them. Moreover, our fun and incredibly interactive social platform enables customers to communicate directly with the managers of a store, whether in the form of a suggestion, complaint or compliment.

A plethora of features to benefit from

Our number one goal is to provide and improve a better customer service level, across all the industries by giving power to customers and, management teams both.  In our experience this will allow retailers to improve their business empires and increase their customer retention rates at the same time.

By using the Drop Thought Dashboard, managers can view and respond to live customer feedback on the spot, as well as mark on-going customer trends and sales reports.

“What’s good” feature: This is where you can view what people love about your retail business.

We’re on it” feature:  This is where your customers can see how the management is resolving issues and complaints placed by them.

“Today’s mood” feature: You can get a snapshot that mirrors the overall sentiment of the day. It can be anything positive or fun that happened at the workplace. This will help engage customers in your business.

“Thought of the day” feature: Over here you can post an interesting thought or comment of the day.

Some more feedback features: The customer has a choice in the best way to give his/her feedback, either by inserting a shortcut to places visited frequently, adding in images to describe the experience better and sharing the feedback on Twitter and Facebook.

The arrival of the Clover Social Thought Drop mobile application has by far managed to improve communication between retailers and their customers in an almost unimaginable way.