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Clover Go EMV Mobile Card Reader
List Price: $99.99
Price: $74.99
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You don't just go to work every day. You get after it-wherever work takes you. But there's one thing you need every day: a way to take payments when you're not sitting still.

So whether you're running around your store or tend to take matters into the field, Clover® Go is your go-to POS for secure credit card swipes and dips. It's got the same industrial strength payment capabilities and security as our larger Clover® devices. Just provide your own smartphone or tablet and a free hand.

* Requires Monthly Service with First Data in order to activate - $10.00 per month

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Clover® Go Features
  • End-to-End encryption at card swipe
  • Auto device detection enabling plug and play pairing
  • EMV Card support
  • Support for iOS, Android mobile devices
  • Tips & Taxes

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