The Convenience of Clover Virtual Gift Cards

Clover Virtual Gift CardsThe number one choice for consumers when it comes to giving and receiving gifts, are gift cards. Gift cards are popular due to incredible versatility and convenience.

Available in retail stores all over, these cards are seen as an appropriate option in gift giving for family, friends, colleagues, and business associates due to the increasing number in the choice of brands and products available for purchase.

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More than Half of QSR Gift Card Users Visit QSRs More Often Because of a Gift Card

First Data Corportaion

First Data Competitive Intelligence, in conjunction with Market Strategies International, conducted the QSR Prepaid/Gift Card Study with over 4,000 U.S. consumers in August 2008.

Brief Findings:

51% of QSR gift card self-purchasers and receivers indicate they visit QSRs more often when they have a gift card. Self purchasers visit a QSR an average of 5.6 times per month, while receivers visit less frequently, 3.6 times per month. Three-quarters of QSR gift card users indicate they make additional visits to a QSR at least twice a month because of a gift card.

Merchants who promote gift cards, especially for self-purchase as a spending card, can encourage additional visits to the QSR. While gift card receivers visit less often than self-purchasers, they are still a valuable customer for the QSR. Encouraging gift card reload among receivers is a way to increase frequency of visit.