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The Convenience of Clover Virtual Gift Cards

The number one choice for consumers when it comes to giving and receiving gifts, are gift cards. Gift cards are popular due to incredible versatility and convenience.

Available in retail stores all over, these cards are seen as an appropriate option in gift giving for family, friends, colleagues, and business associates due to the increasing number in the choice of brands and products available for purchase.

The purchase of gifts cards have been made even more easy, due to its giant leap into the virtual world of the internet, and other mobile applications. This has made it even more easy and convenient for consumers to get access to gift cards that were available before only in a retail setting.

The Future of Gift-Giving – Virtual Gift Cards

Clover Processing Solutions gives way to the latest and most advanced prepaid processing technology, marketing tools, and strategies that are used to create the most amazing and memorable of gift card programs and applications by companies around the world.

This is the easiest way to customize new programs and launch them on the go using the internet supported self service portal. With the use of this program, our clients can provide their customers with a consistent and positive experience when it comes to mobile apps, access to accounts, and real time alerts.

The following are some characteristics of the gift card programs that we offer.

A Flexible, Scalable and Configurable System

Clients using this program can quickly and conveniently create a gift card program of any specification. Our processing platform acts on business rules and parameters definable by the user, so any company can meet the needs of their business by creating such programs. Changes made to programs can be done in a matter of minutes.

We Offer Plastic, Virtual and Mobile Apps Gift Cards

Clover offers and supports a number of different types of gift card programs, including the traditional ones that can be accessed with a plastic card. Moreover, we also power virtual gift apps that are available in the Apple app store, and which includes a wide variety of brands for your customers’ perusal.

Reward and Incentives Attached With The Program

To encourage consumers to spend more on gift cards, we offer real time digital coupons for targeted brands and promotions. Another advantage of this is the promotion of loyalty and repeat usage of the consumers, by which they will be rewarded with various benefits and promotions.

The Programs Are Highly Secure And Stable

The clover processing platform insists on applying the highest security and processing standards. Data and information of the customer is protected by the most advanced security technologies, while remaining safe from fraud attempts by the help of integrated fraud management features in the program.

We Provide A Comprehensive Report Of Activity

The reporting and analytical tools provide a multi level and on demand programs activity report that helps companies to understand their gift card programs

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