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What To Look For in a Wireless Credit Card Terminal

More and more businesses are moving towards a wireless credit card terminal. They can be extremely efficient and can help your business run smoother and faster.  Because more businesses are moving towards a wireless credit card solution, many customers are coming to expect this as an option. When a business does not offer a wireless payment option, it gives the customer the feeling that the business is behind the times. So whether or not you decide to completely transform the entire payment process of your business or to just dip your toe in the water with a mobile merchant account, there is no better time than the present to try out a wireless credit card terminal. So here now is a list to give you the basics of what to look for in a wireless credit card terminal.


The first thing to look for in a wireless credit card terminal and merchant account is portability.  When you set up your merchant account and begin offering a wireless terminal option, you will want a terminal that is light and easy to tote. What is the point of a wireless solution if it’s so clunky you just leave by the regular terminal anyway?  Make sure the device is small enough that carrying it around is not at all cumbersome.


Range is a very important aspect of the wireless credit card terminal. When businesses set up their instant merchant account, they often have different needs. Some businesses such as restaurants do not need that much range. If the patio is the farthest point you will have to travel with your wireless terminal, you can get away with using an existing wireless internet connection.  On the other hand, if your business requires transactions to be undertaken in a much larger area, a long cellular terminal that accesses your internet merchant account will be necessary.  Its’ easy to figure out the range of the device, so don’t forget to make sure you buy one that is suited to your business.


This seems like an obvious one but it is often overlooked. It’s not worth cutting corners in this area. Make sure the device and the merchant account you settle on are approved devices so you and your customers never have to worry about the security of transactions.

A wireless terminal is a great idea for any business. By keeping these few things in mind when you purchase your terminal and set up your merchant account, you can guarantee your device works great for your business and without any hiccups. Go try one today!