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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

A custom solution that enables merchants and other companies to affordably offer their customers a simple gift-giving solution. The eCE™ Gift Card program allows merchants to sell custom gift cards redeemable for merchandise or services at their location(s).

eCE Gift Cards

Benefits of a Gift Cards
  • Custom Gift Cards
    Increase customer awareness with gift cards that are fully customized with your business's own logo and design, or you can select a card design from our wide range of predesigned cards.
  • Increased Customer Spending
    the cards can be reloadable, enabling cardholders to add money to the card any time after it has been issued.
  • Reuse Gift Cards from an Existing Program
    In most cases we can transfer your outstanding gift cards and balances over to our eCE™ Gift Card program. Simply supply us with a unused card as well as a balance report from your existing provider and we can tell you if those your cards are transferrable.
  • Online Reporting
    Online reports allow businesses to generate detail- or summary-level data in a report format. These reports can be generated via the merchant online application, and a .CSV file can also be generated and then imported into a spreadsheet or database application.

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