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How to Get the BEST Credit Card Processing Rates

When it comes to merchant services and credit card processing, every merchant wants the very best rates. However, there’s much more to what a merchant pays for their monthly services than just one “qualified” rate. Read on to learn what to look for when determining the best credit card processing rates for your business.


First things first, what is a qualified rate? There are numerous types of pricing methods that can be implemented when it comes to determining what you pay for your merchant services, but a qualified rate is one main rate that may overshadow more unfavorable fees. Just like the headlining band or singer at a club, let’s say in this example that it’s Lady Gaga, the headlining rate is big and bold and meant to catch your attention. You may really want to go see Lady Gaga, so you won’t notice that her supporting acts are Nickelback and Creed (not that there’s anything wrong with bands, they just may not have the same fans as Lady Gaga). In much the same way, a qualified rate may be super low, making you less inclined to notice other fees or terms of use.


Many unethical merchant services companies utilize qualified programs with hidden fees and mark-ups to charge their merchants as much as possible for credit card machine transactions. They may reel you in with an incredibly lucrative credit card processing rate of 1.2% but neglect to tell you that by signing up you are trapped in a three-year contract with a $300 termination fee. Or perhaps they tell you your rate is 1.2% and “forget” to mention the surcharges that are hidden in the fine print. Many people get burned in this way from only paying attention to the low qualified rates.


In order to get the absolute best credit card processing rates, it’s important to pay attention to all the costs and fees your merchant services provider charges – not just the qualified rate. The best way to ensure that there are no hidden fees on your merchant account is by choosing a merchant account provider that uses the Interchange Pass Through pricing structure.


What is the Interchange Pass Through?

Interchange rates are set by credit card associations and consist of a long list of different percentages and transaction fees. The difference in each level of rates and fees is based on risk factors such as credit card brand, whether the card is debit or credit, the type of transaction (i.e. online, in-store, phone order), size of the business accepting the credit card transactions, etc. Merchant Account providers are given the option to set their credit card processing rates using the Interchange as their wholesale “floor” along with the markup of their choosing.


A company that uses the Interchange Pass Through pricing structure will take a consultative approach, meaning that they determine the risk factors for each individual merchant and then pass through their direct cost for Interchange, Bank and Processor Fees, with just a small markup that is disclosed to the merchant. This offers the most transparency, and ensures that the merchant is not going to be charged any hidden fees.


Get the Best Credit Card Processing Rates Now!

You shouldn’t have to turn over all your profits in order to accept credit cards at your business. Look for a merchant account provider that uses a consultative approach to their rates, and you WILL find the best credit card processing rates for your needs.


About provides leading edge credit card processing and business management solutions to merchants through a consultative approach that establishes the best program to meet each merchant’s needs so they’ll qualify to obtain the best rates. features the most economical merchant services program, Interchange Pass Through, for ALL merchants, and has NOT raised rates in 15 years of operations.