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Clover vs. Other Cloud Based POS

A Point of Sale (POS) is the point where a normal, retail transaction occurs and is recorded. This is the point where a customer makes a payment to a merchant in exchange for goods.

With the advent of Cloud Computing, POS was infused with software. This software could then be accessed through the internet.

In 2013, Clover Network Inc. (along with its parent company First Data Corporation) launched its state-of-the-art tablet-based POS System. Clover POS, has since its inception, emerged as an innovative design in the world of online transaction processing systems.

Basic Features

The Clover POS System (Also Called Clover Station) is primarily an 11.6-inch specific purpose-built tablet with an integrated swipe device. These devices are further connected to a cash drawer and a thermal receipt printer, which is equipped with a high resolution camera, offering instant QR Code once the transaction is recognized.

It operates as a typical transaction processing system in a business. The sale transaction and the invoice particulars are entered in to the tablet. Once the customer provides their credit card, it is swiped though the card reader. The transaction is complete and an invoice is printed. When the customer pays in cash, it is stored in the cash register which operates under the tablet.

Clover POS

Clover POS

The operating system for the tablet is Android-based, although an iPhone compatible software was developed later on. Compared to other POS providers, the Clover POS offers high speed and is designed to operate in both retail outlets and quick-serve environment. The system has an 11 by 7.5 inch total size.

Ease of Use and App Market

Being an Android-based System, Clover POS is an open Application Program Interface (API). This allows merchants, retailers and developer community to develop, integrate and replace built-in apps with new ones. It also makes the tablet easier to use than other software-integrated Cloud POS systems.

Another salient feature is its slender design and operating efficiency. Jason Richelson, ShopKeep founder and chief executive, acknowledges how the Clover POS looks attractive on the counter and is convenient for the shopkeepers and cashiers to operate. In terms of operation, the device is easy to install and upgrade and is useable within 15 minutes of installation.

Aside from basic cashier functions, the Clover POS maintains its technical edge over rival brands by offering several other features which are downloadable from the App Market. It offers customer reporting features, order tracking capabilities, and other client-specific apps.

Clover Development Team, in collaboration with the Bank of America Merchants Services, developed several other apps to ease the use of Clover POS and provide its users with an all-encompassing system. These applications include data export, inventory updates, and transactions reports.

However, unlike all other Cloud POS, Clover is based on a cloud connection. In terms of security, Clover POS offers encryption that hides card data from card swipe to ensure the data reaches the data center safely.