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Adding Value to Customers Loyal to Your Business

Loyalty programs have been available to customers for ages. Tailor made to hand rewards and incentives for their loyalty to a brand.

Such programs meant that customers got a little something for free or discounted after tallying their purchases with a punch card.

Today, customers can receive rewards from a myriad of large and small businesses. Examples of these include discount coupons, QR codes, mobile number solutions from most retail, toy stores, blank apparel, grocery stores, kawaii stores, and numerous other brands.

More than $2 billion is spent by companies and businesses annually on reimbursing or creating new loyalty programs, with the sole objective of maintaining a long and happy customer-brand relationship.

The reason for coming with new and exciting loyalty programs is that price-sensitive consumers slip away from a brand, or turn to a competitor. Thus only a well-planned and executed rewards program will ensure that your customers stay loyal.

Loyalty Programs Going Digital

With the advancements in technology, loyalty programs in a virtual setting have cropped up all over the digital network, such as applications on smartphones and tablets, etc.

These programs not only reward the customers who are loyal to a brand or business but also help the owner to collect invaluable information about a customer’s purchases, preferences, and habits. Such information is necessary for determining the driving force of the customer.

Companies, businesses, and brands can now maximize the shopping experience further by providing incentives and rewards to their customers with the help of applications, programs, and other social media platforms by targeting them according to the data collected.

Perka Loyalty Program Powered By Clover

One such program that offers customers rewards from their favorite brands is the Perka Loyalty Program. The application is available in the app store and is compatible with iOS devices running 7.0 or above, and some Android devices running 4:0 or above respectively.

When customers check-in at your online brand or business store detailed on the app, owners punch a virtual loyalty card from the merchant app in the program.

The application will then show you the names and status of the customers, so you can offer special treatment in the form of discounts and coupons if the customer is a regular.

Owners of this program can even view and deal with customer feedback appropriately and efficiently before any complaints get posted on social media accounts and sites, which is for the purpose of spreading out your brand and business further.

On the other hand, since loyalty programs are all about the customer, consumers can easily check in to the app on their mobile devices while visiting the store or via SMS from any phone to increase the chances of earning stamps in the pursuit of more rewards.

Clover Processing Solutions hopes that offering a simple platform, and working side by side with local small and large businesses will benefit merchants and offer them a better way to compete in the market.