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A Quick Guide to Credit Card Machine Buying

Credit card machines allow businesses to offer their customers with versatile and easy payment options. With multiple payment options, customers can make payments without any hassle. Credit card machines can support both credit and debit card payments.

Before purchasing a credit card machine, price details and specifications need to be taken into consideration. Going through the available photos and user reviews, if any, can help you immensely in making the right choice.

Choose Machines According to Your Business Needs

There are various factors that need to be taken into account before purchasing these machines. The credit card machine specifications need to be compatible with your current system and supported by your merchant account provider.

Types of Machines

The machines can be divided into three major categories:

  1. Conventional Credit Card Machines: These are the most commonly used machines by a broad spectrum of businesses. These machines are capable of using multiple communication methods such as dialup and IP connectivity. The machines can work with or without printers
  2. Virtual Machines: These machines are the ideal choice for businesses which conduct most of their transactions on the internet or phone. They can be modified to automate recurring charges or calculate taxes and discounts. It is an easy way to interact with your merchant account service provider via online means
  3. Wireless credit card machines: These credit card machines help various small to medium businesses such as restaurants, trade shows and on-site service related industries.

Choosing Machines with Appropriate Features

Common features of Credit Card Machines include keypad, display, printer and strip reader.

-Display: The display of a common credit card machine can display two or four lines of text. A total of 20 characters can be displayed.

-Printer: Depending on the type of business you do, you can opt for a machine with an attached printer or those which support external receipt printers. For example, a restaurant or hotel requires frequent printing of receipts, so it would be advisable for them to purchase one with an attached printer.

-Keypad: The machine has a keypad for entering details such as purchase prices, card numbers, expiration dates. As a general rule, the keypads consist of a nine-key numeric keypad. The more advanced ones come with 30 to 40 keys.

-Stripe reader: The magnetic stripe reader is used for accepting swipes from credit cards. If you have questions about the condition of the magnetic stripe reader on any credit card machine you consider purchasing, ask your merchant service provider prior to the purchase.

-PIN Pad: The PIN pads permit customers to enter their debit card PIN numbers privately. The PIN pads consist of a display and a nine-key alpha-numeric pad.

-Check Validation and Processing: The feature of check processing is essential for ensuring valid transactions. You can scan checks for validation.

-Gift Card Readers: Businesses provide their customers with a variety of attractions such as loyalty and gift cards. If your business is involved in handling such type of propriety cards, the credit card machine should be programmable to accept such cards too. Some businesses may also require their machines to scan private-label cards for inventory management or security reasons.

Needless to say, every business, no matter small or large, needs to provide its customers with easy and quick payment solutions for a better customer service.