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Nanobubble Technology is partnered with CirrusTel a dynamic player in the tech industry, offering solutions that improve the enviroment and profitability of your business.

In the world of technological innovation, companies are constantly striving to develop groundbreaking solutions that can address a wide range of challenges across various industries. CirrusTel, a pioneering company at the intersection of nanotechnology and bubble technology, has achieved just that with their Nanobubble technology.

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Cooling towers and HVAC systems can quickly become overwhelmed with biofilm, wreaking havoc on their water flow - increasing electricity costs and maintenance expenditures.  Nanobubbles offer an inventive solution to this age-old issue by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning.


Nanobubbles, which are bubbles smaller than 100 nanometers, have the power to revolutionize operations in the retail and restaurant industries.

The applications of this innovative technology are vast and can enhance food freshness and quality, redefine cleaning and sanitation methods, improve food and beverage production, optimize cooling and refrigeration.

Nanobubble technology has had a profound impact on the agricultural sector. By infusing water with nanobubbles, farmers can improve the quality of irrigation water and enhance soil conditions.

Nanobubbles effectively oxygenate the water, increasing nutrient absorption by plant roots, and improving overall crop health.

One of the most critical applications of Nanobubble technology is in the field of water treatment. Traditional methods of water treatment often involve the use of chemicals and extensive energy consumption.

Nanobubbles offer an eco-friendly alternative. When nanobubbles are introduced into water, they attach themselves to contaminants, providing a buoyant lift, which results in the formation of a frothy layer. This layer can then be easily removed, taking the contaminants with it. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Nanobubble technology is its potential to address pressing environmental issues.

By reducing the need for chemical treatments in agriculture and water purification, this technology contributes to cleaner and more sustainable practices.

Additionally, the reduced energy consumption in water treatment and increased crop yields from more efficient water usage have a positive impact on the planet's resources.


Reduce Power Consumption

Reduce and/or Eliminate Biofilm and Deposits

Reduce and/or Eliminate the use of Harmful Chemicals

Extend the Useful Life of Equipment


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