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View Details Releases New Article on Mobile Credit Card Processing Merchant Services

Sarasota, FL – June 14, 2011 –, a leading provider of credit card processing, is pleased to announce they have released a new article on their site titled “Mobile Credit Card Processing Merchant Services.” The article focuses on the benefits of owning a wireless credit card machine, the benefits of having a portable instant swiping machine, and affirms the importance of great customer service for merchant services providers.


“At, we recognize that not all transactions take place in a store, or even in a building necessarily. Customers require flexibility from their merchant services providers in the ability to accept payments.  They don’t want to be tethered to a physical location and landline,” said Gino Kauzlarich co-founder and owner of merchant services provider,


The advent of mobile-enabled credit card machines has enabled somewhat of a revolution in the ability to accept payments from anywhere, at any time.  Merchant services are crossing new technological boundaries.


“It’s amazing, really, our customers are able to process payments at trade shows, street fairs, craft shows, service sites, on the frontiers, oil rigs, and even sea-faring boats via satellite-powered cell towers.  Our customers can even process payments on wi-fi enabled airplanes!  Merchant services technology has certainly taken off since the first credit card swiper was invented!” said Mr. Kauzlarich.


Merchants also benefit from the lowest possible merchant services processing rates when they accept payments at the time of sale, meaning a mobile swiping machine saves not only money by taking advantage of the lowest rate structure, but also saves the headaches associated with processing sales after the fact.


“Most merchants we work with do not like the added paperwork and delayed revenue that is often associated with processing payments after the fact. Consumers on the other hand appreciate the speed of a mobile swipe payment, and they also think that an instant mobile swipe is safer, as their personal information is not leaving a paper trail that could be taken advantage of before the order is processed at a later time,” said Mr. Kauzlarich.


For a portable merchant services credit card machine, Mr. Kauzlarich recommends the RoamPay mobile card swiper by Roam Data.  This diminutive technological marvel allows merchants to take credit card payments as if they were at their home store location.


“It plugs right into the headphone jack of an iPhone, Android, and most Blackberry phone, and it’s about the same dimensions as a business card, and not much thicker than the average smart-phone.  It fits in your pocket and lets you process merchant services payments from anywhere you have reception or wi-fi. How neat is that?”
However, no mobile merchant services card processor is complete without great customer service to support the products and the corresponding merchant services.


“Here at, we believe that it’s the service after the sale that sets us apart.  If every merchant services company believed in taking care of merchants and maximizing merchant profitability, that might make things a little more difficult for us, so we’re always pushing the envelope in terms of earning customer loyalty and references through amazing customer service.  We like to set the standard in merchant services,” said Mr. Kauzlarich.



Established in 1995 by founders Gino and Julie Kauzlarich, is a leading provider of today’s most innovative and cutting-edge credit card machine services. Their innovative method of offering credit card merchant services and solutions through a consultative team approach designed to increase merchants’ bottom line profits ensures their merchant members always receive optimal rates when accepting electronic payments while also increasing total sales, accelerating cash flow and improving efficiency.