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Credit Card Processing to maximize bottom line profits

Whether at a brick and mortar big-box retailer, or at an online-only web store, credit cards are the fastest and most convenient way for consumers to make purchases of goods and services.  With so many consumers preferring the convenience of credit and debit cards, it makes sense for sellers of goods and services to have their own merchant account where they are able to process credit and debit card payments.

Cash and Checks are Slow, Credit and Debit are the Way to Go

Credit and debit card transactions are rapidly growing in today’s marketplace.  Nearly one in every three consumer purchases in the United States is made with some sort of payment card, and each transaction requires a merchant account.  One often notices the inconvenience of having to count out currency and change and the extra time it costs everyone in line at the grocery store.  Customers want to use their credit and debit cards!

With a Credit Card Machine, Customers Save Time, and Merchants Save Money

Every consumer appreciates the ability to use a payment card when they want to.  Walking into a cash-only restaurant usually leads to irate customers who might likely never come back!  Since every credit or debit card transaction needs to be run through a credit card machine, it usually makes sense to own your own credit card processing machine and have your own merchant account.  Another benefit to owning a credit card processing machine is that instant payment type transactions have a lower credit card processing fee than delayed-processing type transactions

Credit Card Machines are Affordable

Credit card machines are surprisingly affordable, with many new or used credit card processing machines starting at just $49.99.  Many machines also feature affordable dial-up service and/or fast TCP/IP internet capable service.  Purchasing a credit card machine today will help you process more payments, service more customers, and generate a lot more revenue for your business or company.

Sharing Merchant Accounts is Illegal, Get Your Own Merchant Account!

Every now and then vendors will try to save money by sharing their merchant account (and credit card machine) with a neighboring vendor. This is definitely something never to do and very illegal!  Sharing a merchant account is a type of business fraud that is called credit card factoring.  It is also known as credit card laundering, or even money laundering.   Potential repercussions include having Visa, MasterCard, or other credit vendors shut your merchant account down, accompanied by substantial fines and placement on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF).  A listing on the TMF could torpedo any odds of acquiring a merchant account with any credit provider in the future.  Depending on the severity and intent of the factoring, there may be civil and criminal repercussions as well.  Don’t share accounts, instead, play it safe, get a unique merchant account for your company, and purchase your own credit card machine!

Don’t Miss Out On Transactions, Set Up a Merchant Account

With so few consumers actually carrying cash with them these days, it’s just plain common sense for retailers of all sizes to have their own merchant account. Start processing credit and debit card payments with a trusted merchant service provider today!


Merchant Service provides leading edge credit card processing and business management solutions to merchants through a consultative approach by educating merchants on credit card interchange fees and practices to ensure they are receiving the best possible rates when accepting electronic payments. Find more information about merchant account services here.