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An Overview of Credit Card Processing Services

Credit card processing solutions are required by individuals, merchants and small and large businesses alike.

Many banks and financial companies provide  merchant services using EMV, wireless and dial-up terminals to merchants.  The services can be availed by various businesses including credit card merchant services, merchant account services, and other such services. The technology used in credit card processing services has undergone major changes with the advent of fast and ubiquitous internet services.  Mobile and wireless processing is  becoming more and more common these days. With the advent of EMV technology, credit card processing has become safer and more secure.

How has EMV Technology Revolutionized Merchant Account Processing?

EMV chip cards have built-in microprocessors which ensure advanced security features and application capabilities not possible with the conventional magnetic stripe cards. EMV technology was introduced in 1996, to handle the ever-increasing fraudulent practices with the magnetic stripe cards. Reliable and safe card processing services and solutions are required by businesses for improvement in total sales and accelerating cash flow. Fast credit card processing services also ensure an improved efficiency and reduced operational expenses. Non-EMV cards have proven to be more prone to fraudulent practices. Unlike the traditional magnetic stripe cards, chip enabled cards carry out card authentication, cardholder verification and transaction authentication. The security measures ensure that even if someone manages to barge in your account, making transactions, or altering personal details is extremely difficult due to multiple security checks. Using chip-based cards is imperative for merchants and other businesses. EMV cards provide enhanced security and easy way of making transactions.

Credit Card Services for Merchants

Merchant account providers offer custom-designed credit card processing solutions for various small and middle-level businesses. These services are made easy and secure with EMV technology. Terminals carry out credit card processing in no time, and more importantly, in a secure manner. The EMV Credit Card Processing Machines provide dial backup in case of network outage.