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eCE Cash Advance

Sarasota, FL – December 6, 2011 –, a leading merchant services provider, is pleased to announce they now offer the eCE Cash Advance program which provides business cash advances through account receivable financing.


Business Cash Advances are not loans, they are upfront lump sum cash payments against businesses future credit card processing sales and electronic payments which is repaid with accounts receivable financing, utilizing your credit card sales volume.  As goods and services are purchased by customers, a small percentage of each electronic payment is collected from the preferred processing bank.

Benefits of a Cash Advance:

  • The Advance is NOT a Loan.
  • No Fixed Term or Minimum Payments.
  • Approvals even on Poor Personal Credit.
  • No Personal Guarantee required.


“Advances can be used for a variety of personal and business related purposes including regular operating expenses, meeting cash flow needs in off peak seasons and expanding your business. You are free to spend the money on whatever is best for you and your business,” says Gino Kauzlarich, co-founder and owner of


“We are proud to support both eCommerce as well as retail storefront merchants in as little as 24 hours to obtain approvals, and have a 97% approval rate for Cash Advances up to $350,000. We even have a program specifically for new businesses,” said Kauzlarich.


Cash advances are not credit score driven; therefore it is not necessary to have good credit to receive an advance.  A poor credit rating will not normally influence a cash advance decision.  In addition there is NO personal guarantee, joint guarantee, or severable guarantee required. The Advance will NOT show on Personal Credit Reports and No Collateral is required.


Again, because it is not a loan, along with no fixed payment schedule, there is no prepayment penalty and no maturity dates. Borrowers can choose to settle the advance at any time by paying off the balance that they owe.


Approval is usually obtained within 24 hours once required documents are sent to underwriting. For more information on the eC Cash Advance program, visit


Established in 1995 by founders Gino and Julie Kauzlarich, is a leading provider of today’s most innovative and cutting-edge wireless credit card machine services. Their innovative method of offering credit card merchant services and solutions through a consultative team approach designed to increase merchants’ bottom line profits while also increasing total sales, accelerating cash flow and improving efficiency.



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