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Processing Rates & Fees

Our program provides the lowest overall cost of merchant services, by passing through the direct cost for Interchange Fees and Assessments with a small markup in order to provide your business with the most reliable service and support. more

Point of Sale Processing

Carrying a large selection of merchant credit card machines for small business and large business use, including some of the top name brand terminals on the market today such as First Data, Hypercom, Nurit and Verifone. more

Wireless Processing Solutions
Take advantage of mobile credit card processing from Merchant Services and ensure that your business stays connected to the absolute best merchant account services at all times, no matter where you venture. more

About Us

The Merchant Services Difference

At Merchant Services it's the service after the sale that sets us apart. We perform as consultants in order to educate our merchants, offering economical solutions that are proven to increase their bottom-line profits both now and well into the future. more

Merchant Blog

Clover POS and Apple Pay Advantages
A year after designing the Clover POS System, Clover Network Inc. and its parent company First Data Corporation worked closely with Apple Inc. to prepare for the launch of Apple Pay in October 2014. Conceptually similar to PayPal and Google … Continue reading  
Interchange Pass Through vs. Tiered Pricing
Which is better? Interchange Pass Through Pricing or Tiered Pricing? This is one of those mind-boggling questions that have confused merchants who want to introduce credit cards as a mode of payment to their customers. Those who wish to clear … Continue reading  
Merchant Services for Non-Profit Organizations
When it comes to the credit card processing industry, interchange fees are usually considered as the cost of doing business. However, for non-profit organizations, this fee takes a bite directly out of earnings. These earnings are the vital source of … Continue reading is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA
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