Risk and Fraud

Find merchant account resources helping you to reduce fraud while accepting credit card payments. We perform as consultants in order to educate our merchants, that is a key factor to customer satisfaction and, as such, having your business make an informed decision when selecting a merchant services company.

Tips to Reduce Chargebacks

A video which provides a few tips on how to reduce Chargebacks on your merchant account.
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Fraud Prevention

A video which provides a few tips on how to reduce Fraud on your merchant account.
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Card Identification Features

Key Identifying Features to look for if you are suspicous about a credit card you are accepting.
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Verified by Visa®

Verified by Visa improves the security of payment transactions in the ecommerce environment.
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Visa® Non PCI Compliant Payment Applications

Visa Alerts Acquirers to Payment Applications that Store Sensitive Cardholder Data.
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Visa® e-Commerce Risk Management Guide

A guide to help ecommerce merchants build and maintain a secure infrastructure for transactions.
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What To Do if Compromised

Visa® USA Fraud Investigations and Incident Management Procedures.
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