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Providing Business Loans ranging from $5,000 - $250,000, with terms between 3 - 18 months. This is true small business loan with fixed terms and payments, which is typically up to 50% less expensive than a merchant cash advance.

eCE™ Financing is faster than your bank with transparent terms and conditions and a simple interest plus an origination fee it makes borrowing fast and easy for small businesses.

eCE Financing

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Program Offer Who Qualifies
Loan Size
$,5,000 - $250,000
Time in Business
1+ years
3 - 18 months (average 6 - 9 months)
US Businesses Only
18% of the total loan on average
Annual Revenue
$100,000+ Gross Revenue
Deducted directly every business day
Personal Credit
500+ FICO Score
Personal guarantee, and in most cases a lien on assets (not realty, specific or personal assets)
700+ industries support, see restricted industries list for more information.

* Depending on your business' location, your loan will be originated under either Virginia or California law

Benefits of a Business Loan
  • True Loan, Not a Cash Advance
    Your loan includes fixed terms and we report your payment history to the credit agencies, whereas there are no credit benefits to using a merchant cash advance.
  • Daily Loan Repayment
    We use daily payments, which are made directly from your business bank account each business day. These fixed, daily payments are proven to prevent the snowball effect often caused by missing larger monthly payments.
  • Funding in as little as 1 day
    Decisions are made in minutes - no waiting, no obligations. Loan terms and conditions are transparent and funds-by-wire transfers are issued 4 times daily - 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 4pm EST.
  • Approvals on Poor Credit
    eCE™ Financing judges small businesses differently than the banks, with a focus on cash flow instead of personal credit scores or collateral. This means that we can lend to many businesses who may have been denied by their bank.
  • Spend the Loan How You See Fit
    Loans can be used for a variety of business related purposes including regular operating expenses, meeting cash flow needs in off peak seasons and expanding your business. You are free to spend the money on whatever is best for your business.

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