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Check Verification & Guarantee

Check Verification & Guarantee

Electronic Check Guarantee, a unique service that specializes in the needs of small business and midsize retailers, we offer you two forms of Check Verification: Traditional Check Guarantee and Check by Phone / Internet Authorization.

Offer your customers the option to pay by check without having to worry about fraud and bad check fees.

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Benefits of a Check Verification

  • Accept Checks similar to how you Accept Credit Cards.
  • No trips to your Bank, filling out deposit slips, and waiting in line.
  • Helps Eliminate Bank Deposit Fees for handling paper checks.
  • Faster Notification on Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) items.
  • Reduce Expense by spending less time on Account Receivables.
  • Increase Cash flow with Faster Access to Funds.
  • Less file storage space, all images are stored on our systems for 7 years.

Supported Transaction Types

  • Accounts Receivable Entry (ARC)
  • Automated Recurring Transactions
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC)
  • Batch File Upload
  • Check Drafting
  • Check Guarantee
  • Check Verification
  • Internet Checks
  • Point of Purchase (POP)
  • Represented Check Transactions (RCK)

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