Mobile Credit Card Processing Merchant Services

While a lot of credit card business occurs at the cash register, many card transactions need to be processed where there just isn’t any easy credit card machine installation available. Enter the wireless credit card machine. With mobile credit card machine equipment,  payments can be accepted at trade shows, street fairs, craft shows, service sites, and just about anywhere you can grab a cell phone signal.  That’s amazing!


To qualify for the lowest possible merchant services rates when accepting mobile payments with credit and debit cards, you need to swipe the card at the time of sale.  The best merchant providers offer lightweight, compact swipers, they fit right into your pocket and plug into your device’s headphone jack.  Just one fast swipe of the customer’s credit card and the transaction is complete. Instant revenue!


Looking for the best mobile credit card machine? We really like the RoamPay mobile credit card machine from Roam Data.  RoamPay from Roam Data is compatible with iPhones, select Blackberries, and Android-based phones, and is supported by most mobile carriers.  If we could, we’d outfit all of our merchant services customers with the RoamPay card swiper.  It’s that good.


With mobile credit card processing, merchants enjoy heightened flexibility and increased payment opportunities.  Make sure that you have a great mobile phone available, get a great card processor like the RoamPay by Roam Data, and team up with us here at Merchant Service- we’re the merchant account company that isn’t satisfied unless you’re completely satisfied.


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