launches a new Free Merchant Account Services Program announced the launch of their new Free Merchant Account Services program today. With credit cards still being the fastest growing form of payment in the United States, decided to launch this program to make it cost effective for a small business to start accepting credit cards today.

“What is more cost effective than FREE?” says Gino Kauzlarich, President of, Inc. “Our program is designed to cater to most business types from eCommerce shopping sites to mobile merchants who would like to accept payments from anywhere on their cell phone.”

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How to Get the BEST Credit Card Processing Rates

When it comes to merchant services and credit card processing, every merchant wants the very best rates. However, there’s much more to what a merchant pays for their monthly services than just one “qualified” rate. Read on to learn what to look for when determining the best credit card processing rates for your business.


First things first, what is a qualified rate? There are numerous types of pricing methods that can be implemented when it comes to determining what you pay for your merchant services, but a qualified rate is one main rate that may overshadow more unfavorable fees. Just like the headlining band or singer at a club, let’s say in this example that it’s Lady Gaga, the headlining rate is big and bold and meant to catch your attention. You may really want to go see Lady Gaga, so you won’t notice that her supporting acts are Nickelback and Creed (not that there’s anything wrong with bands, they just may not have the same fans as Lady Gaga). In much the same way, a qualified rate may be super low, making you less inclined to notice other fees or terms of use.


Many unethical merchant services companies utilize qualified programs with hidden fees and mark-ups to charge their merchants as much as possible for credit card machine transactions. They may reel you in with an incredibly lucrative credit card processing rate of 1.2% but neglect to tell you that by signing up you are trapped in a three-year contract with a $300 termination fee. Or perhaps they tell you your rate is 1.2% and “forget” to mention the surcharges that are hidden in the fine print. Many people get burned in this way from only paying attention to the low qualified rates.


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