Celebrating Our 15th year of providing low cost Merchant Services

Established in 1995 by founders Gino and Julie Kauzlarich, their mission is to provide today’s leading edge credit card processing and business management solutions to merchants through a consultative approach by educating merchants on credit card interchange fees and practices to ensure they are receiving the best possible rates when accepting electronic payments. Their overall goal is to establish long term successful relationships with their growing family of merchants by representing only their best interests both now and well into the future. Both of which they have successfully accomplished and continue to uphold to this day.

Originally started in Seattle, Washington, MerchantService.com quickly became the 7th largest CyberCash online merchant account reseller in the country during 1998.  After miraculously surviving the “dot bomb” fall out of 2000, they reinvented themselves focusing more on retail face to face merchants rather then internet based companies.  They now maintain their corporate office in sunny Sarasota, Florida and continue to maintain a full line of merchant account services and credit card machines with a network of Licensed Dealers across the country providing hands-on local sales, service and support nationwide.


In 2008 MerchantService.com began their Charitable Giving Program, giving back 25 percent of their net profits earned each and every month on any business that a Non-Profit Organization refers for the lifetime of the account. Thanks to all of their merchants who continue to support this special program, over 2.7 million dollars has been processed so far helping multiple local and national charitable organizations.

MerchantService.com Inc. does a superb job of processing new merchant account applications. With approval rates of over 90% and average turnaround time of 2-3 business days, businesses can expect to be up and processing in no time. If you are interested in what others have to say about their business, check out the Better Business Bureau website as well as others like RipOffReport.com and you will find no complaints about their company. To read testimonials from their actual customers visit: http://www.merchantservice.com/testimonials.asp

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