Celebrating Our 15th year of providing low cost Merchant Services

March 29, 2011, by admin

Established in 1995 by founders Gino and Julie Kauzlarich, their mission is to provide today’s leading edge credit card processing and business management solutions to merchants through a consultative approach by educating merchants on credit card interchange fees and practices to ensure they are receiving the best possible rates when accepting electronic payments. Their overall goal is to establish long term successful relationships with their growing family of merchants by representing only their best interests both now and well into the future. Both of which they have successfully accomplished and continue to uphold to this day.

Originally started in Seattle, Washington, MerchantService.com quickly became the 7th largest CyberCash online merchant account reseller in the country during 1998.  After miraculously surviving the “dot bomb” fall out of 2000, they reinvented themselves focusing more on retail face to face merchants rather then internet based companies.  They now maintain their corporate office in sunny Sarasota, Florida and continue to maintain a full line of merchant account services and credit card machines with a network of Licensed Dealers across the country providing hands-on local sales, service and support nationwide.

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Merchant Services $10,000 Giveaway Contest

March 10, 2011, by admin

To help celebrate MerchantService.com’s 15th year of providing small businesses with cost effective credit card processing solutions they have launched a $10,000 giveaway contest to give back to any party that refers a business or becomes a new member of their merchant family.

Every merchant that signs up for a new merchant account is automatically entered for a chance to win $10,000. Read More…

Signature Debit Fraud Runs 15 Times Higher Than on PIN Debit

October 12, 2005, by admin

Digital Transactions News

Oct. 12, 2005

“Financial institutions lost an estimated $546 million to debit card fraud in 2004, with fraud rates running much higher on signature-based cards than on cards secured with PINs, according to study released this week. Banks lost $345 million in fraud committed on ATMs, while fraud on signature-debit cards cost them $193 million and PIN debit cards at the point of sale sustained $8 million in losses. These are among new debit card fraud statistics compiled by the study, which was conducted this summer by Dove Consulting and sponsored by Pulse EFT Association, a Houston-based unit of Discover Financial Services LLC. “Transaction volumes for both PIN and signature debit continue to grow, yet observers increasingly are questioning the soundness of these payment mechanisms,” says an executive summary of the report in explaining why Dove and Pulse sought to measure fraud rates, and in particular to compare the loss rates on PIN and signature-based cards.

The loss rate attributable to signature-debit cards is approximately 15 times greater than that for PIN debit when losses are measured against either transaction or dollar volume, the study says. Fraud on signature cards ran 1.6 cents per transaction, whereas the loss rate on PIN debit ran 1/10 of a penny per payment. On average, issuers lose $1.15 per card per year to signature-debit fraud, compared with 4 cents on PIN debit cards, though the average loss on a PIN card is significantly higher: $160 versus $86 on a signature card.

Introducing Clover Mobile Point of Sale

June 15, 2015, by admin

Meet Clover Mobile POS

Handheld, Wireless Solution Uses the Power of Clover™ Software for Freedom and Flexibility

Clover™ Mobile is a powerful new mobile point-of-sale (POS) business solution that brings new flexibility and versatility to the Clover family. Clover Mobile enables more personal consumer engagement for innovative small- to mid-sized businesses by taking the functionality of the popular Clover Station off the counter for use as at tableside, busting register lines or on the go.

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