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Introducing Clover Mobile Point of Sale

Meet Clover Mobile POS Handheld, Wireless Solution Uses the Power of Clover™ Software for Freedom and Flexibility Clover™ Mobile is a powerful new mobile point-of-sale (POS) business solution that brings new flexibility and versatility to the Clover family. Clover Mobile … Continue reading

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New and Innovative Ways of Corresponding with the Clover Social Drop Thought App

Technology in the 21st century has come up with ways of running a small or even large retail business seem easy and child’s play. Developers the world over are responsible for this era of simple but successfully efficient innovations  which … Continue reading

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The Clover Charity Checkout App

Raising funds from one’s community, especially if you are a merchant, can result in the use of a number of resources and capital that eventually has a negative impact on the overall budget. Gathering everyone on a single platform, even … Continue reading

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How Fraud Is Likely to Increase Post Rollout of EMV Security Chips in Credit Cards

The fact that the US is finally shifting to credit cards that are embedded with anti fraud computer chips does not mean that there will be a reduction in crimes related to theft from credit or debit cards. In fact, … Continue reading

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