Hacked credit card machine TEXTS your info to criminals

September 19, 2013, by admin

Video A Russian-speaking man casually shows on camera how he can download a punter’s bank-card details and PIN from a hacked card reader.

In a video demonstrating a tampered sales terminal, a card is swiped through the handheld device and a PIN entered – just as any customer would in a restaurant or shop. Later, after a series of key-presses, the data is transferred to a laptop via a serial cable.

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The Not So Free – Free Credit Card Machine

August 22, 2013, by admin

In today’s competitive marketplace, merchant account services are a must for any business. 80 percent of all retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards. If your business does not accept credit cards, your customers may go to someone who does; your competitor. The acceptance of major credit cards is a key factor in customer satisfaction and the success of your business.
When selecting a new merchant account provider just beware of any companies that may try to sway you by offering free credit card machines. It is nice to get something for free, but in reality, nothing really is free.
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How to compare merchant service providers to ensure you are receiving the best rates

August 14, 2013, by admin

Many credit card processors offer a variety of different processing rates and fees. If you are looking to do business with a merchant services company, it’s crucial to understand that comparing quotes from one merchant service provider to the next can be difficult. Rates will vary depending on the pricing method, type of card, the manner in which the card is processed and your adherence to qualifying criteria associated with the sale.


With merchant service providers, the first thing to do is to look for a reputable company that offers interchange pass through pricing, interchange is the actual wholesale cost of the cards accepted and determines the overall cost a merchant pays for their credit card services. As a business owner you have enough to do without having to figure out how Credit Card Interchange works, just know that in order to pay the lowest fees when processing credit cards, a merchant’s goal is to pay as close to interchange as possible.
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Credit Card Machine Skimmers – What Merchants Should Know

January 9, 2013, by admin

In recent years, one tool consistently used to steal credit and debit card data has been the credit card skimmer device.   Be it on ATM machines, or on credit card machine in merchant locations, criminals have clearly made this a tool of choice.  In the last two years alone, skimmers were used at such high profile, multi-location merchants as Barnes and Noble, Michaels, and Lucky’s Supermarkets.

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